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sâmbătă, 3 martie 2018

Acest vaccin nu a fost evaluat pentru efectele carcinogene sau potențial mutagene sau afectarea fertilității

De ce? De ce vaccinurile sunt puse pe piata dupa mai putine testari decat medicamentele?
Pentru PROFIT.
“Is There a Vaccine Cancer Connection?” de Landee Martin 
This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility. This phrase or one similar can be found on just about every vaccine package insert and should be justification for any reasonable person to decline vaccination.  However, doctors are not required to give full informed consent regarding vaccines and most people blindly trust their doctors. Articolul integral aici:

Nu ne mai mira faptul ca Glifosatul a fost gasit si in vaccinuri: