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miercuri, 14 februarie 2018

Nu exista incurabil-Dumnezeu este cel mai mare medic!

Fenomenul Bruno Groning, vindecatorul care ne-a redat noua pe noi insine:,
Uneltele de lumina. In ultima instanta noi suntem lumina:,
Homeopatia, un mic impuls energetic aplicat in directia adecvata va echilibra intregul organism: 
Essiac, un remediu din 4 plante a trecut proba timpului:,

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: Personal Battles with Cancer

A heart wrenching story of how we got into this research

Chapter 2: Discovering Dr Day’s Protocol. Battling for Her Life

Dr Lorraine Day MD curing her Stage 4 invasive breast cancer
Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore/ You Can’t Improve on God
Addressing Breast Tumor/Needle Biopsy and Lymph Node Removal
Dr Day pursues the alternative
Rehydrating the body using enemas with fluids and Juices
Excising Tumor “partial removal” and moving towards remission
Dr Day’s comments/chronic and terminal diseases
Cancer Statistics
Breast Thermography
American Cancer Society/ National Cancer Institute
Diet and Life Style
What was the cause of your cancer?