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luni, 25 decembrie 2017

Ratia ucigasa pentru cancer: 100:1, vitamina C: vitamina K3

Vitamina C

VITAMINA K3 Buvabila 100 ml

How Does The CK3 Kill The Cancer Cells?
Cancer cells treated by CK3 die principally by cell necrosis, but interestingly enough share some characteristics of both necrosis and apoptosisWhat appears to be happening is that the introduction of CK3 to cancer cells, forms cuts or schisms in the cell membrane, which allows the cytoplasm to leak out. The researchers called this autoschizis.
The cell shrinks in size until about only 1/3 its original size and only the nucleus and organelles remain surrounded by a tiny ribbon of cytoplasm. If apoptosis is a quiet cell suicide in which the cell curls up and dies, autoschizis (necrosis) is a bit more violent; the cell slashes itself open violently spilling out its insides.
Studies have looked at autoschizis in experiments with:
  • Ovarian cancer cells
  • Liver tumors
  • Bladder tumors
  • Oral squamous cell and salivary gland tumors,
  • And Leukemia.
Pretreatment with this vitamin C/K combination appears to  potentiate the effect of chemotherapy and radiation. It also appears to be nontoxic, leaving normal cells unaffected.
Beating Cancer As a Whole
Here at CHIPSA Hospital we utilize intravenous Vitamin CK3 as part of our integrative approach to treating cancer and autoimmune disease. Here are some of the protocols we utilize:
Coley’s Fluid
Apatone (IV Vitamin CK3)
Insulin Potentiate Therapy
Gerson Therapy
Vitamin B-17
Hyperbaric Oxygen.

We know from our experience in treating cancer for 37 years , that cancer is very complex and always evolving. There is no 100% cure. What we do know, however, is that CHIPSA has had great success treating many patients that were sent home to “die” in their home country because conventional medicine failed them.
We also know, that a 5 year, retrospective Melanoma case study done at our hospital showed a higher success rate treating Melanoma than any treatment available by the establishment. And we do know that many times within a 3-4 week stay, we will see peoples tumor markers be cut in half or go away and large tumors disappear.
We feel that combining Vitamin CK3 with some of our proven immune boosting protocols and our 37 years of research into immune function may allow for some groundbreaking cancer treatments and get us closer to an answer.
If you or someone you love would like to see how or if you can utilize Vitamin CK3 for cancer give us a call at 1-855-624-4772. We will schedule you a free 30 minute appointment to talk to one of our doctors.

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