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joi, 15 decembrie 2016

Institutul de Cercetare Dr. Rath a descris cum o combinatie de vitamina C, aminoacizi lizina si prolina, extract specific de ceai verde poate inhiba raspandirea celulelor canceroase

Presented at the 19th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference, held between 27 February and 2 March, 2002, the research findings of Dr. Rath and the Dr. Rath Research Institute described how a combination of vitamin C, the amino acids lysine and proline, and specific extracts from green tea can inhibit the spread of cancer cells.
Since that time, the ongoing research has proven that, with the addition of other specific micronutrients, this approach can safely and effectively block all key mechanisms that make cancer a deadly disease. Such mechanisms include inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of cancer cellscurbing blood supply (angiogenesis) in tumors, and inducing cancer cell death (apoptosis). Significantly, therefore, the specific combination of micronutrients used in these studies has been found to be effective against every type of cancer it has been tested on. Many patients are alive today who, were it not for the existence of this scientific knowledge, would have lost their lives to the disease.

The Pharma Cartel knows about this development, of course, and is desperate to prevent the people of the world from taking advantage of it. Through placing its lobbyists in key political positions, discrediting natural health therapies in global PR campaigns conducted through the mass media, and pressing for regulatory bans on the dissemination of natural health information, the Cartel is seeking to ensure that drug-based treatments for cancer are essentially the only option available.

In the United States during slavery, a time when African Americans were deliberately denied an education, it is said that when an enslaved person learned or was taught to read, it became his or her responsibility to teach someone else. This principle therefore gave rise to the phrase: "Each one, teach one." Today, with over 8 million cancer-related deaths and 14 million new cases occurring every year, upon learning that victory over cancer is possible using natural approaches it is similarly our duty to teach someone else about it. If enough of us take an active role in this global health education effort, we can dramatically transform our planet and make it a better, healthier world for everybody. 
15 December, 2016